Friday, May 18, 2012

JavaFX 2.0 Layouts: StackPane

This is the fourth tutorial in  JavaFX 2.0 Layout series. It's about StackPane layout. The StackPane layout pane places all of the nodes within a single stack with each new node added on top of the previous node. This layout model provides an easy way to overlay text on a shape or image or to overlap common shapes to create a complex shape.

This will be a very short example, and as you can  look above,  this is  how our little example will look in the end. As you can see there is a label there, and a button over that label, simple like that.

Below is the code of our example.

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javafx 2 layout

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  1. StackPane block all mouse event for the lower/under layers.

    What is the solution for permit all the layers to receive the mouse events ?


  2. Ronan: Pass the MouseEvent through.