Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to disable "Seen" on Facebook chat?

Perhaps you have already read, but I wrote about What does "Seen" mean on Facebook chat. It's an update by Facebook and tells you if the other person has seen your message, but hasn't responded yetIf you don't know anything about it, please read that article. Anyway, a lot of people have asked how to disable (turn off) that "Seen" feature on Facebook chat. Thanks to Aza Steel comment on the above article, this is possible to do. This only works with Google Chrome web browser.

Follow these steps below  to disable "Seen" on Facebook chat:
  1. Go to this link: Facebook Unseen plugin for Chrome
  2. Click on: Add to Chrome
  3. Click on Add on new "Confirm New Extension" dialog
  4. That's all, you will also get a new icon of this plugin inside your Chrome web browser.
Features of this extension are:
  • Turn on and off Facebok Unseen at any time
  • View how many message have been "Unseen"
  • Prevent awkward social interactions

UPDATE: Check out few more Facebook articles:
Facebok Unseen extension
There is a video tutorial how to disable (turn off) "Seen" on Facebook chat.



  1. Does this also work to turn off 'seen' in group posts?

    "The check under each post indicates how many group members have seen it. This way you can stay updated on the group's activity.
    Hover over the to get an idea of who's seen it and when.
    Anyone who can view the group post will see the ."

  2. Perfect. I've been trying to get this junk off my Facebook for days.

  3. Cool, I am glad that I helped you.

  4. Using it now! My friends in chat are trying to figure out why it no longer says 'seen by' me, but they are clueless. So glad to have a solution to this annoying, intrusive problem.

  5. An error occurred:

    Item not found. This item may have been removed by its author.
    Take me back to the store

  6. It seems that has removed this plugin. If someone founds new link, or something like that, feel free to share that with us.

  7. Awesome, i have been looking for it for a while, too bad they removed the plugin :/

  8. Well, if you found anther or similar plugin, feel free to post it here.

  9. Is there something that will work on android? I always use facebook on my phone via some wiged.

  10. it's not working :( :(

  11. Here it is:

  12. Or just use this app:

  13. is there a way for reactivating seen by in group posts

  14. Good information here. I will post these information to my facebook page. It is really very informative for others.

  15. I used to like FB unseen but has recently been very annoying by injecting ads in the browser. And not to mention the problems it suffers from like that is not working for group conversations.
    FseenBlcok is the best extension I have used so far for that annoying seen feature of Facebook and much better than FB unseen.

  16. Disable Seen Unseen Feature Messages On Facebook