Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I became JCG partner

Yesterday, I received kind invitation to the Java Code Geeks (JCG) ProgramTheir goal is to build an online community for Java developers by aggregating and republishing content from different bloggers on their blog.

The program aims to build partnerships between JavaCodeGeeks and community bloggers. With JCG we ask our partners to continue writing quality Java related blog posts, while we are given permission to republish their articles on our site. The purpose is to spread the word and provide our readers with top-quality material. 
I was quite surprised by the invitation, anyway I had no doubt to join their JCG program. Because this came as little recognition for all my work with JavaFX 2 tutorials, but also because their editors will regularly review my blog,  and if they find something interesting, they will republish that on  http://www.javacodegeeks.com.

I will try to write more quality articles, and there is hope that they will be republish on JCG site. As you may notice, I added this little Java Code Geeks (JCG) badge on the sidebar of my blog.

Also, I want to use this article to share some my tutorials:


  1. I've also just seen some of your tutorials on JavaFX through JCG and they look pretty useful, thanks for them.

  2. Thank you for the comment.
    Please, feel free to check other JavaFX tutorials here on my blog, and share it with your friends.