Sunday, June 10, 2012

JavaFX 2: Transparent Stage

In this tutorial I am going to create a transparent Stage (window) with JavaFX 2, this means that the application won't have a window around the image.  In order to make Stage transparent we need to set StageStyle.TRANSPARENT. Also, I wanted here to add little close image, because I want to allow user to close application. Below you can take a look how our application will look in the end.

 You can use any image that you like for background, but I used this one: Background Image, and here you can download "close" image.


  1. Good work , there is not much resource on Java FX. keep it going

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  2. Thanks for sharing my article. :) I am glad that you like it. Feel free to to read and share also other articles on my blog.

  3. No problem, thank you for leaving a comment.

  4. nice tutorial, but do you know how to drag and minimize the window?