Saturday, June 2, 2012

JavaFX 2: Create Dialog with Stage

This is JavaFX tutorial about creating a new dialog with Stage. This will be a very short example, and as you can  look below,  this is  how our little example will look in the end. As you can see there is a button, a when user click on that button I will create and open a new dialog, simple like that.

This is just a demonstration example. In that new dialog you can create a lot of cool and useful things if you know how to work with JavaFX 2 layouts.

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javafx 2 layout

If you still have problems with creating Java project for JavaFX 2.0 in Eclipse IDE, click on the image below.

javafx 2


  1. Thanks by tutorial! I like it!

  2. Thanks a lot. are actualy creating a new frame instead of dialog. If you call this method:


    it will have properties of dialog. Hvala u svakom slucaju.

  3. Vidiš upravu si. Hvala tebi na komentarisanju. :)