Thursday, June 21, 2012

JavaFX 2: Full Screen Scene

This is JavaFX tutorial about how to set full screen scene with JavaFX 2. This is a short and simple tutorial, only important thing that I'll cover here is primaryStage.setFullScene(true). That's all what you'll need to add if you want to set full screen of you JavaFX 2 application. Below you can take look how our program will look in the end of this tutorial. I had to put a black background, because you would not see difference between JavaFX 2 Scene background color and blog background color.
JavaFX 2 Full Screen Scene

Here is the code of our example, and here is the background color isn't black, its default.

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  1. Another good tutorial, thanks! I'm following your tutorials on JavaFX now! I have mentioned a tutorial as anonymous, about "Create dialog with Stage." I am java programmer and I live in Brazil.